The company was founded in 1968 by the careful work and commitment of Teresa and Paolo continued to make olive Urbisci their pride. In 1999, when there is no Paolo, his son Claudio inherits the company giving necessary changes and also giving his personal touch with various technological innovations but retaining 'the traditional method of grinding "a freddo". Olive groves are located on the outskirts of the territory caldarese, well exposed to the gentle sea breeze and fresh "breath" of Majella. The varied types of olives (gentle, frantoiana and Leccino) are suitably mixed together allowing the realization of what is a high quality product.

How we work:

Our product is the result of traditional practices but also genuine. The olives are pressed using a cold press, in this case, the olives are crushed with large stone wheels, usually granite, that move very slowly grind the olives without making the temperature rise. The paste obtained by grinding is continued product processing through mixing, gentle mixing of the dough in the kneading. The blades of this tool to allow molecules of oil to separate from the matrix. The product obtained is then distributed on said fiscoli discs, which are superimposed to form a column which is pressed in the press. The pressing separates the parts liquid and solid, still without raising the temperature. The solid part, said residue, is discarded and used for the extraction with chemical processes of oil residues still present. The liquid part is composed of water and oil which are separated through a centrifuge or, according to the traditional method, for surfacing. This type of processing and extraction by cold pressing and centrifugation are the only two that make it possible to obtain the true virgin olive oil / virgin as codified by the European Union directives.

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